[Flang-dev] Development roadmap?

Steve Kargl sgk at troutmask.apl.washington.edu
Fri Jan 5 17:17:57 EST 2018

Is there a roadmap for flang development?  Readme.md
doesn't provide much insight, and the link from github to
a wiki is non-functional.  ReleaseNotes.rst is empty (as
there has been no official release).

For full disclosure, I have been contributing patches to
GCC for gfortran for 15+ years, because there are no 
commercially available Fortran compilers for FreeBSD.

I ran a fairly simple compile-only test of flang against
gfortran's testsuite.

% cd gcc/testsuite/gfortran.dg
% grep "dg-do run" *.f90 > zxc

This is a set of free-source files that gfortran can compile
into executables and the executables run some test.

% cat zaq.f90 
! Loop over filenames in zxc and compile with flang
program zaq
   implicit none
   integer fd
   character(len=256) cmd, name
   open(newunit=fd, file='zxc', status='old')
      read(fd,'(A)',end=10) name
      name = name(1:index(name,':')-1)
      cmd = 'flang -c ' // trim(name)
      write(*,'(A)') trim(cmd)
      call system(trim(cmd))
   end do
10 close(10)
end program zaq
% gfortran -o zaq zaq.f90
% ./zaq |& tee sgk.log
% wc -l sgk.log
    3925 sgk.log
% grep -i "internal compiler error" sgk.log | wc -l


% grep -i "severe error" sgk.log | wc -l

Some of these "severe error" are due to F2003/2008/2018
features that flang appears to not support, yet.  However,
there are some due to bugs, e.g., 

% cat z.f90
program foo
   print *, "\"
end program foo
% flang -c z.f90
F90-S-0026-Unmatched quote (z.f90: 2)
  0 inform,   0 warnings,   1 severes, 0 fatal for foo


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