[Flang-dev] flang-llvm config version

Stephen Scalpone sscalpone at nvidia.com
Wed Jul 18 09:51:25 EDT 2018

Hi Owen,

Flang works find with LLVM 5 and 6.  I do almost all of my work with LLVM 6.

Have you checked out the release_60 branch of both flang-compiler/llvm and flang-compiler/flang-driver?

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Subject: [Flang-dev] flang-llvm config version


I am checking out flang-llvm revision: f26a3ece4ccd68a52f5aa970ec42837ee0743296

After I build and install flang-llvm then run llvm-config; it returns as version 6.0.1

But if I recall correctly flang only works with LLVM version 5.0 and less.

when I try to then compiler flang-clang I run into this issue from a few years ago: https://github.com/flang-compiler/flang/issues/340

Am I missing something?

Did the flang-llvm sources get updated to 6.0 or I'm doing something incorrect?


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