[Flang-dev] Fortran compatible ninja; flang circular dependencies

Stephen Scalpone sscalpone at nvidia.com
Fri Oct 12 11:55:16 EDT 2018

There’s an issue raised on github about the ieee_arithmetic.F95 build problem.  The the flang libraries are built twice, once as a shared library and once as a static library.  Both builds write their mod files to the same directory (‘include’), which is the problem.  Seems like we need to fix the build to use the -module option for compilations & then atomically copy the resulting .mod files into the include directory.  It’s probably a good idea to verify that the mod files are the same except for the time stamp.

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On Fri, Oct 12, 2018 at 2:39 PM blubee blubeeme <gurenchan at gmail.com<mailto:gurenchan at gmail.com>> wrote:
There's a fork of ninja that supports fortran files: https://github.com/ninja-build/ninja

When attempting to build you'll get an error:

You can change that from error to warning with
-w dupbuild=warn

but then the build still fails with circular dependencies:
-- Build files have been written to: /wrkdirs/usr/ports/devel/pflang/work/.build
ninja: warning: multiple rules generate include/iso_c_binding.mod. builds involving this target will not be correct; continuing anyway [-w dupbuild=warn]
ninja: error: dependency cycle: runtime/flang/CMakeFiles/flang_shared.dir/Fortran.dd -> runtime/flang/CMakeFiles/flang_shared.dir/ieee_arithmetic.F95-pp.f95.ddi -> include/iso_c_binding.mod -> runtime/flang/CMakeFiles/flang_shared.dir/iso_c_bind.F95.o -> runtime/flang/CMakeFiles/flang_shared.dir/Fortran.dd

It doesn't fail with Makefiles but ninja allows building a lot faster.

Is this something that the flang developers are interested in taking a look at?

I forgot to mention but building libpgmath with kitware ninja works just fine.


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