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To be perfectly honest, I don’t know the details about how the vcvs21 Fortran Test Suite runs.  I know that BLOCK is not implemented in Flang yet, and it caught my attention in the test results.  Basically, I feel this is a good result for Flang, but we shouldn’t “rest on our laurels”.

-- Alexis

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I did notice some of the tests show require inspection but I though that was normal since the answers matched the expected results.

I am not a Fortran expert but what's the significance of those BLOCK constructs that can cause those issues?

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Thanks for sharing!  This is good news!  However, it’s worth noting that not all the tests passed with flying colors.  There are several that “require inspection” and it looks to me like they are tests that involve the BLOCK construct and other similar things.

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I wanted to drop a line to this mailing list.

Flang passed the vcvs21 Fortran Test Suite, I'd like to thank Stephen Scalpone and his team at NVidia for opening sourcing Flang, I'd also like to thank Mehmet Ero for sharing the Fortran Test Suite links and providing some help along the way.

You can see the results here on a few hosting sites:

I attached RESULTS with the same info for those who cannot get to pastebin.

If there are any other benchmarks, I'd be happy to test them and share the results.

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